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At Chefs2go we have built a national candidate database of over 400 chefs and hospitality staff over the last 10 years.  Our business is owned and operated by chefs and hospitality professionals who have over 30 years’ experience in the business within Australia.

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We cover roles throughout Australia and our clients include Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs and Associations, Mining, Not For Profit, Cafes, RSL and Surf Clubs, Events and remote locations as well as the Australian Government.

Our Human Resource and Recruitment Manager has 22 years in the Recruitment business in Australia and New Zealand markets and over 6 years in the Australian Hospitality industry. Feel free to contact our HR team directly via email or phone:

Phone:  1300 852 294 or 0447 141 655

Email:    [email protected]

We will cover the full process from sourcing your candidates to the reference checks. Our services cover the following:

  • Development of advertisements
  • Advertising and resume management
  • Shortlisting of candidates
  • Interviews and relevant discussions
  • Presentation of resumes
  • Presentation of offers
  • Reference Checking prior to employment

A shortlist of experienced, high quality applicants will be presented to you saving you time and money on recruitment processes. This enables your staff to focus on the business at hand.

This process is a fixed cost flat fee service that is both faster and more cost effective then directly managing the process yourself. We do not base our fees on percentage of wages like most recruitment agencies.

Hiring Hints and Tips from us:

1. Do your research before you hire any staff. Understand Australia’s employment regulations, National Employment Standards and Modern Awards

2. Make sure you have a clear and documented job description to give to the candidate containing requirements of the role, tasks and responsibilities, key performance indicators and other measurable requirements.

3. Look for staff who have done similar roles. For example, a chef who has a lot of experience in breakfast may not be the ideal candidate for a steakhouse.  A chef with buffet or catering background might not suit a small A La Carte restaurant role.

4. If hiring non-Australian citizens remember to confirm they have a working visa and are legally allowed to work for you. You need a copy of the official documentation.

5. Ask to see the chef’s recipes and menu’s they have either been working on or written in the past.

6. Two recent referees will need to be contacted – Reference checking needs to be within the context of the law in Australia.

Recruitment is a time consuming and exhausting process. Limiting your risk and using a professional service to assist you means business as usual. We are happy to answer any questions you may have so give our friendly team a call on 1300 852 294.


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