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At Chefs2go we have built a national candidate database with a substantial number of chefs and hospitality staff over the last 10 years. Our business is owned and operated by chefs and hospitality professionals who have over 30 years’ experience in the business within Australia.


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We cover roles throughout Australia and our clients include Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs and Associations, Mining, Not for Profit, Cafes, RSL and Surf Clubs, Events and remote locations as well as the Australian Government.



We will cover the full process from sourcing your candidates to the reference checks. Our services cover the following:

  • Development of advertisements
  • Advertising and resume management
  • Shortlisting of candidates
  • Interviews and relevant discussions
  • Reference Checking prior to employment


A shortlist of experienced, quality applicants will be presented to you saving you time and money on the recruitment processes enabling you to focus on your business. This option is a fixed cost flat fee service that is both faster and more cost effective then directly managing the process yourself.

We also have a “try before you buy” option, where you can trial and assess a chef for a minimum 4 weeks (On-hire fees applicable), before offering them a full-time position. A one-off fee of $1,500 + GST is applicable if the candidate is offered a permanent position.

We do not base our fees on percentage of wages like most recruitment agencies.

Limit your risk and use a professional service to assist you with your recruitment needs.


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