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                                          24 Hours a Day - Access Staff You Need in One Easy Step

                                                                  SUBSCRIBE HERE to access staff directly  

Our subscription service gives you 24-hour access to staff as you require them. Monthly subscribers can log in and view current applicants at any time, knowing each candidate has been quality checked by our industry professionals.

Chefs2go staff are hospitality professionals with over 65 years combined experience in the industry within Australia and New Zealand markets.

Subscribers can then choose candidates and contact them directly. You will be able to search your region or location for relevant candidates. The candidates resume summary will be available to you along with the contact details for that individual.

Chefs2Go also gives you the opportunity to post your own advertisement to attract the right candidate to your job. We are continuously attracting hospitality staff to our website giving employers the best opportunity to locate the right staff member for their needs. 

The following subscription tiered option is available upon registration:


Platinum        50 to 200 employees

100 advertisements

50% off Executive

2 hours free Temp staff

Annual Investment $ 4,000.00


Gold              15 to 50 employees

50 advertisements

2 hours free Temp staff

Annual Investment $ 1,900.00


Silver              1 to 15 employees

10 advertisements

Annual Investment $ 450.00


Any enquiries can be directed to our Human Resources Department directly on 0447 141 655 or email us at [email protected]



: 1300 852 294


: 1300 852 294


: 1300 852 294


: 1300 852 294