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Enjoy Flexibility and Adventure Around Australia

Contracting offers you the opportunity to earn exceptional hourly rates and build your own client base with the bonus of meeting new people, forming new networks and relationships and working shifts suitable to your personal needs.

Chefs2Go has an established network of clients looking for suitable candidates to work on demand in kitchens and venues throughout Australia. We look for reliable candidates able to work on short notice and be available for catering services at special events and functions if needed.

If you would like to see Australia and New Zealand, contracting can be an effective way to have a lifestyle, travel and earn higher than standard hourly rates at the same time. It is a great way to travel our country and build memories, friends and discover opportunities you may have not had before.

From time to time our clients to provide you transport, accommodation and meals as part of the job package dependent on the location and venue resources. We can discuss this with you at the time of deployment.

Chefs2Go is the easiest way to find the hospitality position to fit your aspirations and lifestyle.

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You will be listed on for potential employers to view. Chefs2go will then contact you with available jobs in your area. You will also receive regular emails of all Chefs2go temporary contracts available in and around your area.  



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